Third Series of Talks for Healthcare Professionals

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More and more healthcare professionals are choosing Stamboulian Talks, a series of free interactive conferences created by FUNCEI to contribute toward the continuous training of physicians, pharmacists, biochemists, and nurses from Latin America and other Spanish-speaking communities. This increase in popularity was not the only good news in the 2020 edition, the third one in a row: new medical specialties were introduced and, of course, there were special sessions on COVID-19.

“Our goal is to disseminate interesting, valuable, and updated healthcare information through attractive and brief lectures,” Doctor Daniel Stamboulian explained. Speakers strive for each presentation to motivate the audience to dig deeper into the topics, to increase public awareness, or to move into action.

Before this series started, on April 16, the Stamboulian Talks team adapted the 2020 program to the new reality: a pandemic. To the seven talks planned at first to address respiratory infections, women’s health, and topics on cardiology, psychiatry, odontology, and stomatology, four special talks on COVID-19 were added. During the first and the second of these, specific aspects of this disease and its prevention were presented; during the third and the fourth, the same topics were dealt with in more depth in relation to HIV patients and dental practice.

Opening session of the first special edition of the Stamboulian Talks on COVID-19, in charge of Doctor Gustavo Lopardo, from FUNCEI (April 30, 2020).

“The isolation measures and the need to access qualified sources of information contributed to registrations reaching their limit almost instantly after each talk was announced,” highlighted Francesco Garabello, science journalist at FUNCEI and, together with Carolina Savignano, Head of Production, Communications and Logistics for Stamboulian Talks. He added: “We thus went from the traditional conference format for up to 100 people to the web seminar format, which allows us to increase attendance to up to 1000 unique online users simultaneously.”

He also pointed out that questions from the audience to the speakers increased “exponentially”. Participants either interact with the production team through the Zoom, teleconferencing platform, which is generally used to live-stream this series, or later e-mail their questions for specialists to answer. As in previous editions, all talks are available at FUNCEI’s YouTube channel; plus, since 2020, they are also live-streamed through this channel.

More Innovations for 2020

  • Quality control surveys, well received by participants.
  • Participation certificates, highly requested by those who joined in on previous editions.
  • Consolidated social network presence.

Concurrently, FUNCEI organized a series of talks on Duchenne muscular dystrophy exclusive for pediatricians and neurologists not specialized in neuromuscular diseases. The last special talk will be held on November 12, to honor the World Pneumonia Day. To close the third edition, a symposium on HIV will be held on November 26.

Stamboulian Talks in Numbers

Registrations in 2020 (April through August)


Live Stream Audience via Zoom (April through August)

  10-time increase in unique users with simultaneous visits 


Views on YouTube (April through August)

   20-time  increase in views  

First Special Talk on COVID-19

Attendance Record


Registrations on Zoom


Unique users with simultaneous visits


Users on YouTube

Audience by Location in 2020

The audience increased in American countries

Stamboulian Talks has the scientific backing of FIDEC, as well as the following organizations:

  • Asociación Argentina de Microbiología.
  • Asociación Argentina de Oncología Clínica (AAOC).
  • COdeINEP Grupo Asesor de Control de Infecciones y Epidemiología.
  • International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) de Argentina.
  • Sociedad Argentina de Gerontología y Geriatría.
  • Sociedad Argentina de Infectología.
  • Sociedad Paraguaya de Infectología.
  • Asociación de Terapia de Infusión y Seguridad del Paciente (ATISPA).
  • Asociación Interdisciplinaria Argentina de Cicatrización de Heridas (AIACH).
  • Sociedad Neurológica Argentina (SNA).

This initiative is sponsored by Stamboulian Servicios de Salud, Helios Salud, and Bernabó, together with other prestigious companies.