Golf and Friendship, Hand
in Hand for Health

Charity Tournaments

Friends and family who meet every year at FIDEC Open Golf Tournament are united by their commitment to support the work of the Foundation while they enjoy their passion for this sport. Even though golfing is in itself a huge reward, they were offered much more during the the 18th edition of this tournament in Miami, which was held on October 12, 2019 at Trump National Doral.

As in previous editions, the tournament was played in the four-ball format. It was sponsored by Fortune International, which offered a USD 15,000 prize to whoever scored a hole in one. Even though there were no winners, all golfers enjoyed some ice-cold drinks on the course, courtesy of Kamsa. What is more, Pablo Cremaschi, Closest to the Pin Men Hole in One, took home a trophy donated by Alob Golf, which also sent every participant pictures and videos of their golf swing as a souvenir.

Known for his perfect attendance to these tournaments, Carlos Melara arrived from Mar del Plata (Argentina) with 14 other teammates. At the golf course, they met an unexpected visitor: fellow countryman and former tennis player Juan “Pico” Mónaco, invited by Kaluz Restaurant, and his foursome. Among the 80 participants, an atmosphere of respect, solidarity and pleasant coexistence prevailed throughout the competition.

Before the award ceremony, Doctor Daniel Stamboulian thanked all attendees for their collaboration and shared details about the different actions carried out by FIDEC and FUNCEI in 2019. Winners not only got their trophies, but also a photo opportunity with Pico Mónaco and former Argentinian golfer Fabián Gómez. The tournament was followed by raffle night: Joyería Alvear, from Argentina, donated a ring as first prize and earrings as second prize; another prize drawn was a Starwalker Pen by Montblanc. Later, the jewelry auction hightened everyone’s expectations about not going home empty-handed.

FIDEC used the funds raised in this tournament to finance teacher-training workshops for Misiones Rurales Argentina (MIRA) and to help children in the district of Tigre, province of Buenos Aires, including the donation of the book Manos limpias (Clean Hands), published by the Education Department of FIDEC and FUNCEI. Golfers also learned how to take better care of their health and promote disease prevention: after registering and while they were waiting for the shotgun start, they played games and filled out educational crossword puzzles about vaccines and infections, also created by the Education Department. Moreover, at the start of the tournament, they answered a survey about vaccines in general, which showed that only a few of them were informed about this essential disease prevention tool. This led them to gain a deeper appreciation of the work done by the organizations presided by Doctor Stamboulian.

As in every edition, we would like to acknowledge the work done by the following volunteers: Sossie Stamboulian, Gustavo Kardjian, Valeria Rotholc, Bárbara Reyes, Carolina Valeriano, Mariana Fischer, Cristina Aredjian, Claudia Mariaca, Luján Soler, Mariana Schlesinger, Laura Regalini, Karina Pineda, Vanesa Carusso, María Paz Victoria, Guillermo Victoria, and Caroline Schmidt. A group of secondary school students also collaborated alongside these volunteers. Their time and effort were essential for organizing this tournament

Prize Winners

1st place: Manuel Korsin, Enrique Tettamanti, Esteban Tettamanti.
2nd place: Ricardo Achinelli, Carlos Casas, Mario Graziano, Guillermo Palmeiro.

Verónica Trigo

Guillermo Quinteros

Leticia Azar

Miguel Fernández

Pablo Cremaschi

Thank you so much!

For your support over the last six years.

For always being present and for donating the wine that players enjoy during the dinner party.

For helping us decorate the dinner tables.